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Youngberry (Rubus ursinus cv. Young) is a hybrid between a blackberry and a dewberry of the rose family, first cultivated in the western United States. Byrnes M. Young, a businessman in Morgan City, Louisiana, who loved science and plants had an ongoing correspondence with Luther Burbank. While he had no success growing either loganberries or Phenomenal berries, he crossed the Phenomenal berry with the better-adapted Austin-Mayes dewberry to produce ‘Youngberry’ in 1905, which was then released in 1926. While the youngberry is not grown much in the U.S., it is grown in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa and was a parent of the very popular olallie blackberry and a grandparent of the marionberry.
The berries of the plant are edible and can be made into a juice or jam.
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